Did you know we raise Animals!

It all started in 1989 with some Emu eggs. Since than, we moved on into raising Kangaroos and Wallabies in the late 90s. We've also dabbled with reptiles, birds and all kinds of critters of the sort. It's something we've found ourselves enjoying. 

For some of our animals there is a waiting list and it can vary as to when we will have your preferred gender available, (As we have no control over that!) but not to worry, our critters took the phrase "Be fruitful and multiply" to heart!

Below, you'll find a list of animals we still raise, along with a few critters we can supply through our own sources.

Our Animals

Eastern Grey Kangaroos & Albinos


We have a decent sized mob mixed with your traditional Eastern Grey Kangaroos along with some beautiful Albinos!

Red Kangaroos


We have just recently acquired a mob a red kangaroos as of 2019. As they are young it we be some time before we have some available! 

Agile Wallabies


We have a large mob of Agile Wallabies and our constantly pulling some joeys to hand off to a new home!

Check out our article on Agiles!

Swamp Wallabies


We have rather small mob of swamp wallabies that we have come to obtain. We are still working on growing it into a larger mob.

Forest Wallabies


Ever heard of a Forest Wallaby? I'm not surprised you haven't. They are an exotic animal, and so far have proven to be difficult to raise. 

Seasonal Critters



We may have some White and blonde Emu chicks available this comming season.


We have a small breeding pair that like to lay eggs in spring!

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